🦓 Zebra Spectrum

27 images Created 20 Dec 2023

Zebra Spectrum is a captivating collection of images that uses the zebra, the official symbol of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), as a canvas for abstract art. Each piece in the collection showcases a zebra in a unique, non-traditional style, highlighting the diversity and complexity of EDS. The zebras are depicted in a range of colors and patterns, moving beyond their classic black and white stripes. This represents the myriad ways in which EDS manifests differently in each individual. Through bold colors, surreal compositions, and imaginative use of shapes and textures, "Zebra Spectrum" not only raises awareness about EDS but also celebrates the strength and resilience of those living with the condition. This collection serves as a visual metaphor for the beauty in diversity and the unseen struggles of those battling chronic illnesses.
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