Klondike Park

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Klondike Park stands out from other parks in the area due to its unique towering rocky hills that provide visitors with striking views of the tree canopy, especially during autumn when the leaves change colors. Resting on the former grounds of a rock quarry, the park's high rocky bluffs offer visitors a chance to admire the heavily forested interiors, along with clear lake waters that allow for sightings of fish, turtles, and a variety of dragonflies.

Klonkike Park encompasses 250 acres in southwestern St. Charles County, adjacent to Katy Trail and the Missouri River. The park comprises seven hiking trails, two of which are unpaved. Among the unpaved trails, Hogsback Trail is the most visually stunning while the Lewis and Clark Trail is the easiest and longest. In addition to hiking, the park offers challenging mountain biking routes that will put your skills to the test.

Despite heavy quarry operations in the past, nature has shown a remarkable ability to bounce back, and the park today is an outstanding example of resilience. Primitive camping and rental cabins are available for visitors, while the beautiful Curt Loupe Conference Center is ideal for hosting special events such as wedding ceremonies, receptions, meetings, and gatherings.

Visit Klondike Park to witness the astonishing beauty of nature's resilience and enjoy its unique rocky hills, clear waters, and lush green foliage.
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